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Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) is a not-for-profit company that helps transform cities to benefit the millions who lack access to water and sanitation. We were created in 2005 as a response to the urban explosion that has left many cities unable to provide basic services, such as access to a toilet or drinking water, to low-income communities. We work alongside local providers, enabling them to develop services, build infrastructure and attract funding so that they can reach low-income communities. To ensure that services can reach as many people as possible, and will exist over the long-term, we have a strong focus on financial viability. This means working with utilities and businesses to build services which generate revenue whilst reaching the most vulnerable urban residents, and advising regulators and governments on how to create an environment which enables businesses to succeed. Our global secretariat is located in London with offices in seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. As the urban specialist in water and sanitation, we are committed to sharing evidence and approaches so that our innovations can enable change around the world. Since inception we have helped over 10 million people access better water and sanitation services. Between 2016 and 2020, we aim to reach a further 17 million people with improved water and sanitation services and hygiene practices

WSUP Advisory CIC UK is a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales (No. 9461206). It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP). Profits generated by WSUP Advisory are transferred to WSUP to support its urban WASH development activities. WSUP Advisory is also registered in India as WSUP Advisory India (U90009DL2015PTC287912). WSUP Advisory (WSUP-A) provides technical assistance to those seeking to improve WASH services to low income urban consumers across the world. By providing a consultancy service covering all aspects of low income service provision, drawing heavily on its own experience of delivering effective service models under the WSUP Programme, WSUP-A are scaling up impact for low income consumers.

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